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The Pool 2019

Last summer, estate manager Federico Bazan, Madalin Radu (Doc) and the maintenance team undertook the challenge of fixing a leak in the swimming pool, as well as the huge task of repainting it.

For the first time in nine years, the pool was emptied out completely. It is far deeper than appears when full, with very sharp, steep inclines down into it from the end of each chute.

Simultaneously to the leak being found and mended, the empty pool was being cleaned with an acid wash and took on an abandoned appearance – of shipwreck and haunting. It was then painted like a light, bright summer’s sky – two coats! – and edged in a sunny yellow gloss.

Refilling the pool took longer than a fortnight, using a single hosepipe from the mains water supply. It was full when the water lapped halfway over the filtration vents. It resembled a brand-new pool, as sparkly and blue as a newly opened lido.

Yet, two days before the annual owners’ day, the newly painted pool suddenly emptied by a quarter over night! Gallons and gallons had seeped out, though I never did ask if it was due to the original leak or a new one. There never seemed to be the right time! As it had taken ages to fill up the first time, there was no time to refill it, so the swimming demonstrations planned for the owners and guests were cancelled.

After more excavating with a mini digger and manpower from the maintenance team, the leak’s source was discovered: a broken pipe. This was fixed for the second time – and successfully too.

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